The Olive Branch Community Church started way back in November 2003


It began with a lot of energy – and we met together in a golf club and then at another local church in Markham. We carried in tons of boxes, bags and gear. We set-up, tore-down – week after week after week. Sometimes on Saturday nights and then on Sunday afternoons… it was a crazy time! Our location changed, but our mission, our biggest goal has remained the same – to help undecided people make a great decision about following Jesus. Along with that, we were passionate about finding ways to engage in the practical needs of our community like never before. To be the hands and feet of Jesus and be one of our community’s greatest assets.

So, believe it or not – just after that first year we made a rather startling entry into Markham by purchasing and turning a strip club (at 175 Anderson Avenue) into a church – a contemporary come-as-you-are community that loves Jesus! That move was like a parable of how we believe lives are transformed by Jesus. From the outside, most people look well-put-together; but on the inside, there’s shame, fear and usually some darkness. We believe that the Good News of Jesus is about transforming the interiors of our lives, filling them with love and worship so that we can have a transforming impact in our world. 

Ken Davis
Olive Branch Lead Pastor