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What do you call it when a group of people hate someone who’s innocent, plan for almost 3 years how they’re going to kill him and then finally pull it off? The people who do stuff like that are called murderers - even if they’re never convicted in a court of law. And that’s what happened to Jesus on April 7, 30 A.D. The tragedy is that they didn’t have a clue what they’d just done. That was the worst day in history. Within three days, the absolute worst that humans could do - the worst day in history was capped off by the best day in history - the best of the best! God effortlessly robbed that grave! The disciples got accused of it - but God was the grave robber. Life will try to put you in a grave and keep you in a grave - and bury you under all your addictions and failures and sadness and inadequacies and things you hate about yourself. But if you’ll let Him break through - God won’t leave you there!


Speaker: Ken Davis

When Religion Gets Ugly

The surprising fact about Jesus' last weeks is just how ugly and hateful the best living religious people became. This was no spontaneous event - this was pre-meditated. And at the core of it all was pride and self-interest. What Good Friday does is blow up the theory that good-living, Bible believing people automatically go to Heaven! That’s shocking - but true. That day was God at His best and us - at our worst.
Please Note: Childcare for Toddlers to Grade 6 during the Good Friday service


Speaker: Ken Davis

The Grave Robber

On Friday, Pilate handed Jesus off to a Roman death squad of 4 soldiers, overseen by a centurion, an exactor mortis. Their mission? No one came off a Roman cross alive! So, they nailed Jesus to the cross and made sure He was dead. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea carried Jesus to Joseph’s tomb, washed the blood off of Him, then wrapped the body in linen and spices. A 2000 pound stone was rolled into the entrance of the tomb - which was sealed by the Romans. What happened next we don’t really know - but the Spirit of God raised Jesus… and the Father robbed the grave! The world has never been the same - and God still raises the dead and robs the grave today. There’s no tomb, no ugly situation, no grave we find ourselves in that God can’t rob - and set us free!

Speaker: Ken Davis

Invited... or Uninvited?

We come out of Easter thrilled that Jesus made it past the grave - He is who He claimed to be! He’s building a Kingdom that will last forever and overtakes all the kingdoms of this world. He’s master of quality, master of time and space, master of quantity and master over nature - and master of life and death! Here’s the question; where is He in your world? Is He invited… or uninvited; front and center, or back-burner, CEO or speed-dial consultant? Lots of people have theories about Him… but we know who He is!

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