Without a doubt, life is busy – and you never know what’s around the next corner. But where do you turn when it makes no sense? Who do you trust when you can’t find your way?


Without a doubt, life is busy – but it’s never too late to change your priorities. So what comes first for you?


Philippians 4:11–13
Paul waited – stifled in prison, when he actually loved to travel and meet face to face with people. Not a great environment for growth – but somehow he learned the secret of being content, regardless of where he was. While in prison Paul wrote a series of amazing letters about this discovery of faith… and it’s the reason we can read, learn and find the same joy in our lives today.
Takeaway: We will let God work in the world around us and we will find contentment in Him – wherever we are.


Genesis 29:31–34
Sometimes we struggle to wait, and instead, embrace the wrong things at the wrong time. The story of Leah shows someone who was waiting for love without impulsively rushing to find it. She waited for the right time – God’s time… and Jacob loved her. Little did she know that the union she waited for would be part of the genealogy of Jesus.
Takeway: We will not wait for ‘someday’ to realize that God is working today – and He never stops working.


If the Samaritan had just stopped – pulled out his iPhone and taken a pic (#sadstories) and then moved on, the effort would’ve been pointless. The Samaritan’s next move was the hardest – cuz it was the messiest, most exhausting – and the most dangerous. As a Samaritan, many would’ve made him the prime suspect in the attack. But when you’re suddenly human to human – close enough to smell someone’s breath and their BO – and get contaminated with their blood – the reality of serving is painfully clear. Suddenly your knowledge of first aid is called into use. Your full strength is needed to put him on a mule. And your nurturing instincts, as you care for him overnight, are greatly needed. There would be lots of reasons not to act, but God is calling us now to to love our neighbour as ourselves and to serve others generously. Mom’s especially know all about this.


In Luke 19:1-10, A man name Zacchaeus had to climb UP a tree to see Jesus because he was too short to see over the crowd. Jesus then invited him to come DOWN. We might not be ‘vertically challenged’ like Zacchaeus, but are we falling ‘short’ of our own expectations? What’s crowding Jesus out of your life? Join us this Sunday at 10 AM when our Youth and Young Adults Pastor, Jeremiah Vijey, will challenge us to look at ourselves clearly and let Jesus take control – just like Zacchaeus did.


Have you struggled to navigate friendships? If so, you’re not alone! Thankfully God’s Word talks a lot about what kind of people we need to be – and how we should treat others. Whether you fell secure in your relationships or not – we all need to grow in this area! Join us this Sunday to talk about four friends who took their faith the extra mile so someone could come face-to-face with Jesus.


You probably played hide-and-seek as a kid – and after being ‘found’ a dozen times or so, you had to get really creative in finding new places to hide. But at the end of the game everyone would come together because it was all just pretend. No one wanted, or intended to hide forever.
Do you remember hearing a Bible story about a prophet and a gigantic fish? Yup, you got it – the story of Jonah and the Whale! It’s a story of hide and seek… but this wasn’t a game. Jonah was running – trying to hide from God, forever. You may think you know how it all ended, but God is not done with the story of Jonah. There’s a message in it for us right now. The choices we make and our willingness to listen to God ultimately determines where we land. Just like Jonah.


I think we would all acknowledge that the last couple of years have been a unique experience for most of us. COVID has up-ended the world and an unknown future is creating all kinds of fears, suspicions and disagreements. It’s hard for anyone not to be swayed by the all the negative rhetoric we’ve been exposed to.
It’s more contagious than COVID.
As we face a new year in this uncertain time, it’s critical to stand firm and remind ourselves of the truths we know to be unshakable; Nothing can separate us from the love of God. What is unknown to us is known to God. We don’t have to live in fear of tomorrow because God is already there. Does that sound totally unfamiliar to you or way too easy?
Join us tomorrow morning as our Youth & Young Adults Pastor, Jeremiah Vijey, shares four markers on the path ahead of us in this uncharted territory.


John 11:4 says, “so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” The reason Jesus resurrected Lazarus was to give glory to God. Jesus did this so that others would know that He is the only One with the power both to give and to take life – no one else has that power. What in your life do you want to be fixed? Are you willing to wait? Are you willing for God to fix it if He wants, as He wants, in His time and for His purpose? Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is one of the most dramatic stories in the Bible. Jeremiah Vijey, TOB’s Pastor of Youth & Young Adults will unpack the Love of Jesus that was shown during a moment where everyone around the tomb didn’t think it was possible. God is still showing up at the tomb of every Lazarus.