We’d like to think we are self-sufficient – that apart from Him creating us and occasionally stepping in to give us a hand, we really don’t need God. Given the trail of blood through history – it’s quite naïve to think that way. The truth is way more devastating than most would imagine. The damage sin has done to all human kind is profound. We need to be rescued and we need a rescuer!


For all of us, there may be something that is taking center stage and preventing us from walking fully in the purpose God has for our lives. This week, Pastor Jeremiah encourages us through the story of Ezekiel to identify and evict every idol that may be on the throne of our heart.


The Bible says, ” Above ALL else, guard your heart, for EVERYTHING you do flows from it.” It’s pretty clear… what is really going on inside each of us will be impossible to hide. Our actions, our words, our influence, our motives – and ultimately, how we love others. They all need to be reigned in. In other words, it’s up to us to decide, declare and defend the most important God-given part of us. And He helps us to do it.


Summer is a season of growth and abundance in nature, and it can also be a time of growth in our faith. We will focus on ways to rejuvenate our faith and deepen our relationship with God. We need to cultivate spiritual disciplines, engage in intentional prayer, and seek God’s guidance for our lives. God in His word encourages us to embrace a renewed and refreshed faith  – but not to forget what He has done in our lives and what He’s going to do!


Matthew 5:13-16 

During the summer we have more opportunities to spend time outdoors and engage with our community. As Jesus followers we are called to be salt and light in all our relationships. In other words, our actions, attitudes, and interactions with people can reflect who we say we are… or not. The choice is ours to make. So what kind of influence do you want to have? That’s what our Pastor of Youth & Young Adults, Jeremiah Vijey, will be talking about this Sunday morning at 10 am. Join us!


In this fast-paced and busy world, we often neglect the importance of rest and its impact on our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. We will explore the concept of finding rest in God and how it can restore our souls. The Bible highlights God’s invitation with practical ways to incorporate these things into our lives… especially during the summer season!


If you look up the word, ‘cultivate’ you’d see that in today’s language it means, “to improve or develop by careful attention, training, or study; to devote time and thought to.” The kind of fruit we’re talking about cultivating is love, joy, peace and patience. The Bible tells us to go deeper and discover the life-changing power of the fruit of the Spirit. It won’t happen all at once – it will take time, effort, and lots of prayer. Like, if you planted an apple tree in your backyard, would you expect to be baking a pie that night? Probably not – unless you made a trip to the grocery store. And, like a tree – when you grow by allowing God to change your heart over time, when you give Him permission to pull the weeds and prune the branches, when you intentionally pursue and practice love, joy, peace and patience, you’ll be amazed by the harvest… and how He will change the world through you!


Communication is the Key

When people talk about prayer, the question that often comes up is, “What for? You mean things have gotten that bad?” Now, we would never say that about talking with our friends…or our kids…or our spouse. We know that communication is extremely important. It’s how we get to know people. If you’re planning on a long-term intimate, meaningful relationship with anyone, you have to communicate. Lack of communication always creates misunderstandings. So. Prayer isn’t magic. There are no brownie points in Heaven for how long or how well you pray. God hears every prayer – and the prayers of prayer warriors are not better received! Prayer, at it’s core, is talking with God. And, as you know, conversations involve both talking and listening. If you’re more eloquent – it doesn’t mean you have better conversations. It might just mean that you’re better at soap-boxing or pontificating! So, here’s the deal; if you and God are really good friends, why wouldn’t you want to talk to Him and include Him in every conversation? Talking with God is a discipline that will help you in everything you do!


We like to be comfortable. We fill our calendar with all kinds of things from getting our spiritual ‘needs’ met at church to connecting with all our ‘feel-good’ friends – to heading to the gym. Not bad things, if that’s all you’re aiming for. Then every day our culture prods us to pursue success, wealth and power like they should be our primary targets. More comfort, more status, more stuff. What’s not to like about having it all?
The truth is, all these things can consume us and often lead us away from the heart of God. A heart that loves, a heart that makes sacrifices, a heart that serves without reward. A heart that knows this life is not all there is.
We were created for more.
When we focus on serving others, we shift our attention away from ourselves and towards the needs of those around us. We become more compassionate, more selfless, and more like Christ. Out of that will flow great opportunities to demonstrate and share the good news about Jesus – and it’s then we begin to see the world like He does. The target worth living for comes into view…and with our cooperation, God makes it crystal clear.
Your arrow will hit the mark.

Easter aftermath

Easter was amazing! It’s a special time of excitement and celebration, even for those who don’t believe in Jesus. But now what? Peter and the disciples were waiting – they didn’t know what was next after Jesus’ resurrection. Maybe you feel the same way – all the joy and hype around Easter has faded. So, what does God want from me now?