Philippians 4:11–13
Paul waited – stifled in prison, when he actually loved to travel and meet face to face with people. Not a great environment for growth – but somehow he learned the secret of being content, regardless of where he was. While in prison Paul wrote a series of amazing letters about this discovery of faith… and it’s the reason we can read, learn and find the same joy in our lives today.
Takeaway: We will let God work in the world around us and we will find contentment in Him – wherever we are.


Matthew 16:21–23
Have you ever had your plans changed on you? The disciples assumed they knew God’s plan for Jesus – but it was a broken view of what God was up to. In their impatience they could not see that God was actually changing everything. They almost missed the plot.
Takeaway: We will wait patiently and let God reveal His plan to us.


Genesis 29:31–34
Sometimes we struggle to wait, and instead, embrace the wrong things at the wrong time. The story of Leah shows someone who was waiting for love without impulsively rushing to find it. She waited for the right time – God’s time… and Jacob loved her. Little did she know that the union she waited for would be part of the genealogy of Jesus.
Takeway: We will not wait for ‘someday’ to realize that God is working today – and He never stops working.