Here’s the question we all have to ask ourselves: Based on your track record, would you trust you? If your promise was a plane, would you fly in it to Australia or the Philippines – or even to North Bay? We trust that the airline industry will maintain their planes – replace broken stuff, check out their pilots – and do all the stuff necessary to get us safely where we need to go. But there are times, as Jesus made clear, when we make promises and then spend our lives looking for loopholes when our promises get inconvenient.
If you want to live with character and integrity… if you want people to believe what you have to say, if you want to have good, trustworthy friends, if you want to finish well – and leave goodness and love behind you, if you want to look forward in eternity to the reward for faithfulness, truthfulness, and self-control, then the trustworthiness of your word is your credit check.

THE FOUNDATION: The Basis for All Promises

If there is no God, if we all just climbed off a pond and out-lived the other germs, if there is no center line down the highway – and morality is “enlightened self-interest”, then promises and vows don’t really matter. But if there is a PROMISEKEEPER behind it all – and if we are made in His image, then our promises and vows really matter. If we depend on the fact that airlines keep the promises they make to the FAA and food manufacturers and drug manufacturers keep promises they make to the FDA and insurance companies and banks keep their promises to pay for damage and safeguard our money – then we need to honour the promises we make to those who depend on us! The cost of not doing that – is our credibility. Our character.  We team up with the dark side of eternity; the LIAR!