Most people in our world know that life as we know it is not infinitely reproducible. There isn’t enough space and there aren’t enough resources. Jesus – who fulfilled all the prophecies made about Him speaks very clearly to the fact that there will come a time when He will return – and on that day, things will radically change. Peter speaks to the fact that it will be a day that will silence all skeptics and bring justice and life and healing. Jesus, the Hope of the Ages, our Saviour – and Lord of all – will set things right. He told us clearly that there would be signs to look for – but to not try to predict it. His calling was to just be ready!


It’s interesting, isn’t it, that Jesus asked people to already believed in God, believed in the Scriptures (and memorized them), already knew most of the facts about God – to follow Him. And it’s only in following Him that their lives, priorities and relational worlds were transformed! And that’s what the Christian life is all about; loving, listening to, obeying and following Jesus – living under the same power that empowered Him – the power of the Holy Spirit!


We’d like to think we are self-sufficient – that apart from Him creating us and occasionally stepping in to give us a hand, we really don’t need God. Given the trail of blood through history – it’s quite naïve to think that way. The truth is way more devastating than most would imagine. The damage sin has done to all human kind is profound. We need to be rescued and we need a rescuer!


Every human has wondered – usually at multiple points, “What’s wrong with me? Why do I do what I do? What’s my destiny? Why am I even here? It’s pretty clear, first, that humans are intricately made -and have immense potential. It’s also clear through all of history that we keep sabotaging ourselves and hurting others. That we can be loving and generous and kind and be incredibly selfish and mean spirited. What’s our problem?


We believe that God has revealed Himself by what He’s made and what it’s like – and through His relationships with people since the beginning of time. That history and those relationships have produced what we call the Scriptures or Holy Writings. It’s the record of God’s actions and God’s Words and God’s insights into life, into the future, and both His power available to us – and His expectations for how we will love Him and love others.


That God exists seems to be a pretty obvious fact – judging by the fact that something exists rather than nothing. Looking at what it is and the sophisticated, intricate design of it all – and the deep sense throughout all cultures that there is a spiritual reality behind it all, gives us a sense that there is not a what behind it all – but a Who. Did this Who reveal Himself?