One of the most beautiful realities is who we were created to be. From the beginning of the world, we were created to bear God’s image – we were made in His likeness. However, when sin entered the world, that image was distorted. Despite this, God has been working INCREDIBLY hard to get us to conform back into the image of His Son, Jesus! God’s plan was to restore that image back to us, like we were ALWAYS meant to be – so we can spread the Good news of Jesus everywhere we go! Today’s sermon will provide some practical steps to seeing yourself as a son or daughter of God predestined to look just like Him!

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(Matthew 7:12)
Everyone has expectations about how they should be treated. No one likes to be ignored, judged, hated, devalued, marginalized, or seen as worthless, useless, dumb, defective or contaminated. And no one likes to be cheated on, railed at, or rejected.  Jesus had a very simple solution for just about every relational issue you can imagine.  Do for others what you want them to do for you. Since we were created in the image of God, we have been created as relational beings. We can’t help that.
So, what kind of positive relational experiences would cause you to love and look forward to each day – and be optimistic about your future? Here’s Jesus’ point; just like judging others has a boomerang effect, so does loving, showing kindness and giving value. To simplify – instead of sitting around and waiting to be treated like that – start actually doing it! Think about it – instead of the negatives – what would be the kind of positives that would make your relational world healthy. Do that – and you’ll be glad you did. That’s something you can build a life on. If you don’t – you’ll wish you had!

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(Matthew 7:7-11)
Whenever it comes to us worrying and stressing out over the circumstances we find ourselves in, Jesus always points up – to the goodness and generosity of a Heavenly Father with infinite love, infinite resources, infinite wisdom and infinite time. We tend to not even look up! We’re pushing, scrounging, badgering our kids, trying to pry open safes and kick down doors – and He simply asks us, “Have you even ASKED?” The underlying question is, “What do you really think of your Heavenly Dad? Are you a better, more generous, kinder Dad than He is?” Asking, Looking/Seeking, and Knocking seems so passive doesn’t it? Longterm, though – You’ll WISH you had, and You’ll be GLAD you did! 

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(Matthew 7:1-6)
It always seem strange to me that Followers of Jesus seem to focus on and enforce some of the things Jesus  said not to do – then totally ignore and indulge in others. For example, divorce was a big deal – even under some circumstances where Jesus said that divorce was likely the only option. And yet… when have you ever heard of a church having a statement on worry, or a statement on greed in their by-laws? And think about this: What if churches had a statement in their by-laws and code of conduct on JUDGING!? Before you say, “Yeah – those Christians…”, we just need to own it; judging is one of our favorite pastimes as humans! Why? I think it’s likely related to another hidden struggle we all have; pride! So Jesus, who made it clear that God hates pride – and is out to humble the proud, says, “Don’t judge – cause it will boomerang and come around to BITE you! Instead – just become a wise, discerning person.

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NEW! Discussion questions for you to dig deeper into the message with your small group or during your quiet times this week.