Most people have had a love note or two passed their way. Love notes do one of two things – they make you blush… or they make you cringe. They’re called love notes – because they usually mean someone is going public about how they really feel. They’re getting vulnerable. There’s always a passer and a passeeGod’s love note to the world on Christmas Eve – was a tiny baby. God went public. God got vulnerable that night – and it changed history.

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Whenever there are footnotes in a narrative or book, they’re there, first, to verify that what has been stated or referenced is real – and has involved research. The reason this information is in a footnote – is because it’s not the main event. What’s fascinating about the account of Jesus’ life – is who is featured and who is an oh-yeah-they-were-there-too. The major talking point in the world of that day was Caesar Augustus. The one discussed round the meal table in most Jewish homes – was Herod. Both were a big deal in that day – but only footnotes in Jesus’ story.

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Post-It Notes have a history most of you are aware of; that the adhesive giant 3M tried a new kind of glue that really didn’t work.  Someone salvaged the idea – for one of the most creative turn-arounds in history. It would be the unusual person who has never had someone leave them a Post-It Note on a folder, a desk, a mirror, or a paper. They usually contain a message that is intended to get people’s attention. There are Post-It Notes all over the Christmas story – placed by career professional messengers. Angels. They certainly got people’s attention – and still do!

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The four words you’ll never hear in the Christmas story are, Once Upon A Time. Contrary to what we sometimes hear – that is, that the ‘Jesus story’ is a rebirth of and mixture of myths from the past – or a story the church made up to popularize and give their new religion a new edge. Actually? It’s history –  and rooted deeply in history – and uses historical names and places and events that can be checked and verified by other credible historians. This really happened – and because of that – it changes EVERYTHING!

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