These days, the money and stuff god, mammon, is in serious trouble. There’s a companion myth that has the potential to sabotage our generosity. It sounds something like this: You can’t afford to give and to be generous now. Not after COVID-19! Someday, however, you will have enough – so just WAIT! There are a couple of questions everyone needs to think about. First, what does crisis have to do with our calling to be generous and kind? Second, the core calling on our life is to love God with all we are and to love our neighbours as ourselves. So, is it okay with God if, for all practical purposes, if we spend everything we have on ourselves?

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When most people are asked how much money they would need to be satisfied.  At peace. Happy. The answer is, “More!” How much more? “More than I currently have!” Actually, there’s only one way for your money to make you happy – that is, at peace!” It too is an ‘m’ word – manage! Horses have to be broken to be useful. Dog’s have to be taught who’s boss to cooperate and be a good friend. Money has to be taught who’s boss – or it will run – and even ruin your life. Money is hell to live with if you don’t put up clear boundaries and tell it what you will spend money on, and what you won’t spend money on. In this new reality – manage isn’t a cool thing to do; it’s a necessity! If you let money and stuff set the expectations for lifestyle, vacations, cars, clothes and everything else – it will eat you alive! Remember – if you feed an appetite – it grows! 

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We live in a culture that is filled with anxiety. In fact, according to some of the latest stats, we are among the most anxious people who have ever lived – and that includes adults and children. The strange thing is that we’re anxious about money – and money doesn’t help; it makes things worse. The god of money and stuff – the one Jesus called Mammon – doesn’t politely ask for your attention and devotion – it demands it! Mammon is pushy and demanding of your best. It doesn’t just want a little attention; it wants to hog the spotlight! It will consume your attention, your energy – and your worship, if you let it. Jesus says that you and I have to choose which God we’ll serve – the one who promises the universe – or the One who runs the universe! The alternative to giving God His rightful place is anxiety. 

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