So, you ask all these great questions. And then you make some truly great decisions – some stunning moves that get you where you want to go. Without being a party pooper, the question that really needs to be asked and answered is… SO WHAT? What is your bottom line? When you finish this life (and your chances of doing that run at around 100%), what defines success and ultimately becoming the person you were created to be and doing what you were created to do? If God had anything to do with that – and I believe He does – what did He put you here for? I’m guessing that it has to do with His overall mission of making all things new – of drawing everything back to Himself. Human life was designed for eternal impact. Jesus called His people to not just know about the Kingdom, but to pursue it as His Gathered People. It’s something we do – not on solo missions, but as a mutually loving and supportive team. It’s what we’re called to do in everyday life in all our roles – but more.
Jesus’ Kingdom is a kingdom of hearts. Receiving Him as King unifies us in the direction of using our talents, gifts, time and resources to build that Kingdom. The Kingdom is about lost and broken people being found and healed and included. The Kingdom is what Jesus is secretly building here – and one day it will take over all the little shabby things we build. For that to happen takes the focus of generosity with our and energy and resources. We are called – not to look out for the health, wealth, success and happiness of #1, but to make sure that the lost people are found, the poor are fed, clothed, sheltered and cared for – and that love colonies spring up everywhere. It’s the mission of Jesus – invested in by those who know and love him. If what He’s up to is the most important thing going, then it would seem to make sense for us to ask these questions – and make sure that our eyes are on Him and not ourselves.

What Does LOVE Require of Me?

Most of the other questions, hands down, bring immediate results in our lives. This question – the one Jesus specifically calls us to – usually has a delayed reaction to it. Eternal results? Legacy results? Absolutely! But loving someone is a long term thing – and love is always about SOME ONE. Love is personal. It’s not about loving your dog – or, God forbid, your cat – or your pet snake! And people are unpredictable. Jesus said, “Love your enemies!” Do they then immediately change? No – they may still slug you! Jesus said to forgive as you’ve been forgiven! Does that pay off right away – and the person you’ve forgiven breaks down and says, “You were right – I’m sorry!”? Nope. God’s love for us caused Him to send His Son to a place of total humility – a feeding trough -and die in the most humiliating way humans have been able to devise – and people still – by the millions – reject His love. A good answer to the question, What would Love have me do? has it’s greatest benefits in us! We become more like Jesus – and that lasts forever!

What is The Wise Thing to Do?

This tiny question could save us a LOT of pain! Can I just be honest? Sometimes we hit our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and we’re still making the decisions a teenager would make – sometimes decisions a kid would make in public school. We’re chasing what catches our eye, we’re chasing our hormones, we’re retaliating like we’re still inside the chain-link fence around the playground, we’re calling people names, trying to prove we’re better, hosting massive suck-your-thumb pity parties… I mean, the list goes on! And the specific question we need to ask is first, How old am I? and is it WISE? Am I being responsible, am I thinking clearly, am I making a mature, wise decision? And what will I think of this decision 2 years, 5 years, 10 years from now? Will I be glad to have it written into my story – for my kids and grandkids to read? Is it WISE? can spare you a lot of pain – and keep you alive longer, happier, healthier – and maybe even out of jail!

Is There a Tension that Deserves My Attention?

Every once in a while – before we decide, make a move, choose a direction, there is an inner “stay of execution.” We can’t even explain it – but there is like a STOP sign in our conscience. Many times, that check is from God – or from this inner place that tells us to push the pause button. You could call it the tension that demands our attention. Sometimes what we’re planning is clearly outside the lines. What we want is to do what we want to do – and then have God come in and bless what we’ve done. No decision we make is ever totally irredeemable – but most can’t be unmade – not without a lot of pain. God gave us a conscience for a reason. When we keep blowing through the STOP signs, and ignoring the inner voice, it stops. It’s called searing your conscience.

What Story Do I Want to Tell?

Most of what you and I are facing right now – even with all the struggles and confusion and tough circumstances, will one day be just a story we tell.  Someday, those who are following our legacy will see a life that has been shaped by the decisions we made – decisions that likely affected them if they’re related or connected to us. And the question we need to ask is, What story do I want to tell – and will this be a chapter I’d like to leave out – you know, skip from Chapter 23 to Chapter 26 because Chapters 24-25 are just too embarrassing? We see events and the shady decisions we make and justify as stand alones. Actually, they are connected to everything else. And we write our story one decision at a time! 

Am I Being Honest With Myself… Really?

Honestly, we are suckers for our own lies and story lines – justifications for what we do and why we’re doing it. When we really want something – or want to do something that we suspect isn’t wise, we tell bald-faced lies to ourselves – lies that if someone else told us, we’d laugh in their faces and say, “Give me a break! What do you think I am, stupid? Naïve?” But when we’re trying to justify and excuse ourselves – we tell the lie and believe the lie! When we’re about to make a decision, the question we really, really need to ask has to be the integrity question; Am I being honest with myself? Am I being honest with myself – REALLY?


We all jump at some point. I don’t know, maybe the last time you jumped was in 2nd grade. It could happen! But I’m guessing you’ve jumped since then. Before you jump into the unknown, it’s always, ALWAYS wise to know what you’re jumping into – and what the consequences could be. If you’re jumping into a lake, you need to know where the rocks are and how deep the water is. If you’re jumping out of a plane, you need to ask, “Who packed my parachute? Was it a friend or enemy? When you make a decision, you jump. If you decide to take a job and move your family to Syria or Vietnam or Beijing – that’s a big jump, but it’s fairly mechanical. There are financial factors, family factors, cultural factors and practical questions; you can do some investigation and make a decent decision. But even then – you have to ask the right questions! And that’s the deal. To get the right answers and make the right decisions, you have to ask the right questions!  Our regrets always are linked to making poor decisions! Poor decisions can permanently alter our lives…so, asking the right questions always leads to better decisions. And better decisions lead to a better, much happier future!