Pray with us

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What is Prayer, and what does it look like at The Olive Branch?
The simple answer is that Prayer is the conversation that keeps us connected with God. Without prayer, there is no connection, and much the same as when communication breaks down between individuals resulting in a distant or estranged relationship, our lack of prayer renders us far from the close relationship that we should be enjoying with God.

We believe that Prayer is the essential ingredient in each and every person's relationship with God. It keeps us in close communication so that we might see and hear His direction for our lives. It is our desire that everyone experiences the close relationship with God that He designed us to have. Being in prayer means we actively seek God's presence, His will, and His direction. It means that we are open to His leading, and are willing to lay down our agendas in favour of His. It means that we bring before Him our praises for who He is, our thankfulness for what He has done, our confessions for our sins and our petitions for what we need His Help with.

Prayer is not about getting God to come alongside our plans, but rather to ask God how we can be used in His plans. We acknowledge the Lordship of Christ and pray that we would be His hands and feet as He accomplishes His purposes in the community in which we serve.

Further to that we believe, that Corporate Prayer (that is when the body of Christ meets together to pray) draws us uniquely together in His presence. The Word promises us that "where two or more are gathered, there I (JESUS) will be in the midst of you". With Jesus at the center, there is little room for anything other than love for one another - and we aim to be known for our love.