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We live in the land of choice at a time where there are more choices than ever before in this history of the world! We have been in a season where those choices are limited. We don’t like it one bit! Choice is one of God’s best gifts to humans. It’s something He allows us to do – without interfering – because we’ve been made in His image. But here’s what I see – what I’ve noticed; We don’t just want the opportunity to choose – we want all our choices to be okay with God and others – for everything to be okay in the end. And, according to what Jesus says at the end of this message on choices, some lead to LIFE – and some lead to the destruction of our lives and our souls. I mean, that’s actually true in life, isn’t it? When it comes to deciding who to marry – we make choices. When it comes to choosing friends and pastimes – we make choices. When it comes to how we use our money and time – we make choices. All choices have consequences. Some are great – some are horrible! When it comes to the destination of your life, you want to make the best choice you’ve ever made. If I were you, I’d check to see who made the signs that guided you to where you’re at. When it comes to the path you take through life – and who makes the signs – you’ll want to make a great choice!

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