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As some of you know, I watch the show Mayday! When there is a crash, the airline industry uses a word for people – that just doesn’t get used much anymore in our world: Soul. “How many SOULS were lost?” That is a profound word, isn’t it? The implications are that we are not just animated bodies. There is way, way, WAY more to us – a forever part. In a selfie world like ours, people think mainly of themselves and their own interests and welfare. Sometimes we talk about influence as if it’s something we can turn on when we want to show off a little – and turn off when it’s convenient. Actually, if you look at the dashboard of your life, the influence light is always on. If you live and die on a desert island, it doesn’t matter, I guess. But if you have people around you – especially children or people you’re responsible for, your character – that is, how you live your life, how you respond – you will likely send those closest to you in one of two main directions; up or down. You’ll either help them or hinder them. To put it in Mayday terms, You have souls on your plane. Fly carefully!