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Jesus was very clear with those who followed Him that as intimidating and impossible as it seemed – He would leave and they would carry on His mission. But they weren’t stranded; He told them that He would be with them to the end; that the Holy Spirit who had been with them – would now be in them – and He would give them awesome power. He would guide them. He would gift them.  He would give them wisdom. And not only would He inspire them, He would gift them to carry it out.  hat Jesus did through them was spectacular! Jesus’ call, Jesus’ promise, Jesus’ command, and Jesus’ power wasn’t just for them. They took Him seriously – and engaged under very difficult circumstances – and they prevailed! The unfortunate part of history for followers of Jesus is that for centuries at a time people simply saw themselves as recipients of truth and grace from God’s servants – instead of servants of God and givers of grace and truth. This is truth to stand on: We are not volunteers! We are servants of the Most High God – with the immense power of the Holy Spirit in us – gifted and called to do way more than we could ever accomplish on our own! Wouldn’t it be a shame to hand in our lives without ever engaging in the only mission that yields fruit forever?