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When people hit difficulty – things that press them against the wall and leave them discouraged or in pain, they are most likely to blame either God… or the Devil. Followers of Jesus find it difficult to blame God – and the convenient alternative is… the devil!  I mean, why not? The truth is that sometimes difficulty is a season of life we’re in. Or what we’re trying to do is difficult – and we get stuck. Sometimes things are way more difficult than usual – because we’re out of gas; that is, we need a good rest, or we need a break – we’re burnt out! Sometimes it’s because we have, quite frankly, made a series of bad decisions. What is important to realize, in bad times, is that there are not demons hiding everywhere, but that Satan is an opportunist. He will try to use difficulty that would be there anyway – to shove our face in the mud. And in those same situations – God is at work to use difficulty for our good – and for His purposes!

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