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Every so often we trade in something that should never be traded in – simply because we just gave up. We got worn down. We believed the lie, “You’ll never get through this!” At times, we show grit for the wrong things. We have a lot of grit for proving that we were right; we have a lot of grit for achieving goals – a life style that seemed important – but in the grand scheme of things?  Really didn’t matter. What matters is people. And the grit we live with, the grit we show in loving them – and in believing that God can use our lives to touch them pays off huge, massive dividends. What we sometimes fail to realize is that grit gives us traction – and sands the rough edges off of us as it does its work.  Maybe we should call grit by its biblical name: FAITH! You can’t please God without it!  And, according to Jesus – it moves mountains! * Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for Vimeo Podcast, MP3 Audio and PDF File