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Here’s a rule of thumb that may help you; if you’re afraid of someone – find out who they’re afraid of! Most of you, and most people, actually – would say that they either respect or love Jesus. It would be a narrow fringe of people who would say, I’m scared to death of Him! When you look at the records of His life, it’s fascinating to find out that fallen angels, evil spirits – were scared to death of Him.  They begged Him to leave, to treat them well; they had to ask Him for permission to do things. There’s a reason for that, you know – based on Who He is – and what He came to do and reclaim and make right. To believe in Jesus, to love Jesus, to follow Jesus, to invite Jesus into your life – is to be His ally, His friend, His servant. And, believe me, that has huge implications about fear and all of it’s causes – and what it’s trying to prevent Jesus from healing in us!