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When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on what we now call Palm Sunday, there was a crowd traveling with Him shouting, "Save Us Son of David!" Those are clearly Messianic words - proclaiming Him to be the One who had been promised ever since God made the promises to Abraham that He was going to bless the nations through him. So, how is it that Jesus was captured, judged, sentenced and hanging on a cross within 6 days? It most certainly wasn’t for the lack of signs and miracles. Jesus left a trail of goodness and power and stunning miracles behind Him. He’s proved that He was the Lord of quality - by turning water to wine; that He was the Lord of quantity - by feeding a massive crowd with a kid’s bag lunch. He proved that He was Lord of gravity by walking on water; that He was Lord over disease and atrophy by healing all who came to Him - no matter what was killing them. And He proved that He was Lord over death by raising at least three people from the dead - the last of which had been dead and buried for 4 days. He forgave sins, He set people free from demonic spirits, He transformed Himself into a being of light in front of His disciples - and He answered every question He was asked. In addition to that - He lived a perfect life! The specific issue was that He had already been judged by the entire religious establishment - and because He had challenged their authority and their character, they had already decided that He was going to die. It was just a matter of when. Jesus’ life was so huge - and so world-changing. Everyone in our world is forced to judge Him. The Defense Rests… and now, as a member of the jury, you have to decide; is He God, the promised Messiah, the Saviour… or not? Like the religious professionals, you will actually decide your own future - not His! *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for PDF and YouTube Podcast