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This entire arena that Paul defines for us – the spiritual powers in high places and their attempt to take us out of action – assumes something that is not specifically stated. It’s something every person who’s been in combat knows. Let me put it like this, Rambo is a myth. The self-sufficient warrior, the one-man army, the single soldier who can take out an entire division? All un-true.  And that’s why, in every area of life, really – there are platoons. A team. People who have your back. See, you can’t sleep and be alert all the time. You can’t eat and drink and be alert all the time.  You can’t do the basic functions of life and be alert – You and I need others! Jesus taught us that. History has taught us that.  And a lying, deceiving, very tricky enemy knows that. And part of his strategy, the mind-game he plays, is getting you to think you can do it alone! Don’t try. You don’t want to find out the hard way that you need others!

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