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1The fascinating thing about grit is that it can be misused. See, passion is a part of grit. What if the passion – the driving force behind perseverance – is hatred? Revenge? Pride? I mean, you’d have to admit that the 9-11 pilots who flew the planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon had grit! But the passion was hatred. Revenge. And that’s what led to the cross. Whatever you may believe about fallen angels and the powers of darkness, you’d have to admit that hatred – and possibly revenge – drove the determination to kill Jesus – and keep Him dead. I mean, how could some of the best-living people in the world demand the execution of a man who’d only done good His whole life – healed thousands – raised the dead?! How is it that people who knew lying and bribing was of the devil – use those very tools to cover the truth when Jesus didn’t stay in the tomb as they’d hoped?  Grit didn’t work! What became clear that day is that all the planning and grit and perseverance and determination of hell itself is no match for the power of God. Neither or your problems. And that power is… amazing grace and love and kindness and hope.  Hate is no match for love.

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