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The basic concept behind mining is that someone, maybe God, has placed things in the dirt, in the mountains, in the riverbeds, or on the floor of the Bering Sea – and I’m going to get it before anyone else does! Cuz, see, once I take it…it’s gone! To mine, you usually have to get dirty – really dirty – and distinguish the good stuff – ore, coal, minerals – from the waste. Planting is way different.Planting takes work, too – a lot of it. But planting depends on the regenerative power of life to create something. We work the dirt, cultivate the soil, fertilize – weed out all the other stuff looking for space, water and sunlight – and then? HARVEST! Out of seeds that look all shriveled and dry and lifeless – comes bread, vegetables, oil, fruit – all the stuff that keeps us alive!
The deal is – we have this one chance – in this life – to plant more than just food. Truth is – we plant something every day – and what we plant has the potential – as all seeds do – to grow way more, over time, than we’d ever dream. The problem is that planting always takes patience…and faith.We’re grateful for what we have – the potential is to be grateful forever for what we’ve planted!

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