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When you ask kids in high school what they want out of life – the sky’s the limit as far as they’re concerned. And that’s what you hear; “I want to be a famous musician – own a big business – design video games – be a world-class athlete or surgeon – visit exciting places and do exciting things!” Sometimes, by our 30s, our dreams become a little more modest; “I want to have a nice home, a job I love, be healthy, look great – and have a fantastic person in my life and raise a great family!” Let’s say you have all that. You’re able to buy and actually pay for a nice home; and you have a satisfying job that pays well – and you have a mostly nice family – a body that’s as healthy as you’ll let it be – and people generally say nice things about you.  Would you settle for that?
Without putting any of those things down – cuz they’re good things – What if there’s MORE? Way more! See, that’s the American Dream or the Canadian Dream – and lots of people achieve it – whatever they believe. The problem is that is’s mostly centered on the 70-80-90 years we have here on this planet, and nothing more. And at the end of everyone’s life – there’s a STOP sign – and, as good as it’s been, we live it all behind. Jesus taught that there’s way, way more than we would ever dream. Some believe that…and some live it!

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