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What If GOD Implanted Your Life in Someone’s Heart – Forever?

I have never met a single person who didn’t want to be remembered. There is this part of us that, as we age, realizes that life is short and a lot of what we do falls into the past without even a ripple on the surface. This bothers us because we were made to live forever. As many times as atheists and agnostics say, “When your candle goes out - POOF! that’s it!” - our hearts say, “I don’t believe that for a second!” Of course, that raises a question; if we actually believe that life here could be compared to a dot on a rope that starts here and extends to the farthest parts of the universe and beyond - why do we treat the “dot” as if it’s all we have? See, the truth is that not only do we live forever- - very person with whom we lock eyes - and even those we don’t see - live forever, too. With knowing the truth that Jesus taught us about life, about finding life, about giving life - and about life forever - comes a responsibility. The responsibility we have is to pass on Jesus’ invitation to live forever. * Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for Vimeo Podcast, MP3 Audio and PDF File