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If you take a comprehensive look at all this protection we need, two things stand out. First, there is no protection for your back; no butt-plate or thigh shields or back-plate. Running away doesn’t help in any battle – except making you a moving target. Standing your ground – the ground already given to you by God Himself – is your best strategy. So – do you just stand there and let everyone and everything attack you? NO! Your only offensive weapon – the only one you need is the Sword of the Spirit – which is? Well, it’s what God has said is true, what is real, what the past is about – and how the future will be defined. This is, incidentally, not just a cool thing to have – this is your only weapon that is both offensive and defensive. The power of what God says is nothing short of astounding. When someone can speak universes, stars, galaxies, air, protons, neutrons, and millions of categories of living things into being – why not use that Word to take ground?

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