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Most of the other questions, hands down, bring immediate results in our lives. This question – the one Jesus specifically calls us to – usually has a delayed reaction to it. Eternal results? Legacy results? Absolutely! But loving someone is a long term thing – and love is always about SOME ONE. Love is personal. It’s not about loving your dog – or, God forbid, your cat – or your pet snake! And people are unpredictable. Jesus said, “Love your enemies!” Do they then immediately change? No – they may still slug you! Jesus said to forgive as you’ve been forgiven! Does that pay off right away – and the person you’ve forgiven breaks down and says, “You were right – I’m sorry!”? Nope. God’s love for us caused Him to send His Son to a place of total humility – a feeding trough -and die in the most humiliating way humans have been able to devise – and people still – by the millions – reject His love. A good answer to the question, What would Love have me do? has it’s greatest benefits in us! We become more like Jesus – and that lasts forever!