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Everyone’s different, but as skeptical as we are, we all believe somethingSome people reduce that “something” to themselves. The problem with that is that all that we humans can see  is in front of usWe can see almost nothing ahead of us – and absolutely nothing beyond the grave. To believe solely in yourself and your ability and your intellect is, bottom line, foolish. We all believe something about what’s beyond us, about what we’re supposed to be doing, about what’s the most important thing we will do – and the most significant contribution we can make. What’s really, really important is to have evidence for what you believe – and not just  believe something because it seems cool – because it’s what you want to believe. Jesus calls people to believe in Him – not just like they believe in other stuff – but to trust in Him. What you believe will either renew your mind and transform your life – or leave you stuck.
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