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Thousands of curious people crowded onto a primitive hillside 2000 years ago to hear the message of someone who was clearly a prophet – and had the power of God on His life. Before He spoke, they watched as He healed people who were blind, lame, bent over with arthritis, deaf, demon-possessed and disfigured by leprosy. They saw stuff they’d never seen in their lives. What would He say? They didn’t know who He was – or even why He’d come their way. Some suspected that He could be the Anointed King the Jewish Scriptures foretold – but time would tell.
We now know who He was! 2000 years after His coming – and 2000 years of His influence, it’s hard for us to distinguish how drastically He changed everything. Those who follow Him in 2019 now know that He was the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed King – and that He was the Son of God – and God the Son. We know that even though humankind did their worst by Him – nailing Him to a cross and humiliating Him publicly, He rose from the dead and gave His best for us. We know that! So…why is it that we shy away from His teachings – and make excuses for not following them?

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