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Everyone’s different – but we all surrender to someone or somethingIn our world, the word surrender does not have a good vibe to it. It means conceding defeat. It means letting someone else rule over us – boss us around. Tell us what to do and what not to do. And yet…? There is only One who deserves our surrender – because He is, in fact, already Lord of all. If we refuse to surrender to Him – we will in fact surrender to something else. And usually that surrender is about ourselves – or just the way everyone else thinks. And that surrender, in fact, determines our future and whether or not we will ever become the person we were created to become. How you think, what and who you believe about struggles, about your enemies, about giving and serving will predetermine Who you surrender to – and then the outcome of your life. What do you want that outcome to be? Is that outcome ultimately about you or about the difference you can make? *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for Vimeo Podcast, MP3 Audio and PDF File