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The strangest piece of defensive armour in this whole passage would have to be the sandals. When you dig a little, what you find is that for a soldier, these sandals were vital because they protected the bottoms of the feet from injury and from slipping – both of which causes soldiers to lose their footing and sometimes their lives. The other part, the Gospel of Peace may represent the part of warfare when people who love God slip up the most. They love God – but when it comes to actually living this Good News of Peace with others? Not so much. Unity – working with people who are on the same team – and very different – and sometimes difficult – is critical. Have you heard of friendly fire? It’s when a soldier shoots someone who’s  on the same mission, fighting for the same cause. It’s usually an accident, but sometimes, sometimes when it comes to followers of Jesus – it’s intentional. And that’s a double tragedy!

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