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The stories around the religions of the world have always been, well, different. Odd. Sometimes weird. Like, demi-gods creating the earth and sky with pieces of themselves. Of course, the current evolutionary version is not all that believable, either – that something came from nothing. It would appear that we have to choose which unbelievable story to… well, believe. The story of Jesus doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. The world knew something was going to happen. The Romans, of course, thought it would be about them. The Jewish people had thousands of years of prophecies behind their expectations.  So, one day, on a backwoods part of Israel – a small insignificant outpost of the Roman Empire, it happened! It was a story; it was part of a story; it was the end of one story and the start of another, and it was the beginning of a story that continues. It’s true, verifiable and authentic. Honestly, at this juncture of earth’s history – it’s the only story that brings hope. Our question is, and always has been – how will this story, this PERSON, intersect and change MY story?