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The word that best describes what God wants for this planet, for our relationship with Him, with each other, and with ourselves – is shalom.  Shalom is what happens when we love God with all we are – and love others as we love ourselves. It goes deeper than just peace and brings us to a place of wholeness, of happiness – of relational intelligence – and into the way things are SUPPOSED to be  the way things were CREATED to be. And when people begin to live that way, the peace, the shalom, the wholeness spreads to the places and people around them. The problem is – we have lived so long in a kingdom of darkness, shame, anxiety, selfishness and fear – that it’s all we know. And we live in a world system that tries to fix the problem with more money, more stuff, more pride and more selfishness.
Our Vision – at The Olive Branch – is to be a people who represent the Olive Branch to God – made possible by Jesus, and who live out the Olive Branch to others – offering reconciliation, hope, love, and practical help.

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