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I’m guessing – just guessing – that there’s not a person alive who hasn’t asked the question, “Is God punishing me?”  The question usually comes up when we hate our life, or hate our circumstances, or hate the fact that the opposition we face just seems to never let up! The thinking goes, “Well, if God is punishing me – what kind of God is He anyway? What chance do I stand against Him?” The bigger question is – why do we blame God when life is tough – and take credit when life is good? The actual truth is that God never sends bad stuff to slam-dunk us and make us suffer. What is clear is that Jesus proved through His suffering – caused by us – that God the Father is always at work – and especially at work in the tough stuff. If we will see Him in it all, hold onto Him – and accept the GRIT He offers – the result can be amazing!

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