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Most of us have at some point been the divisive person. And we actually felt fine about it – because, after all – we were biblical, we were true, we had convictions, we were… right!  Of course we were – and we were divisive, difficult, stubborn, proud, and maybe even rude. But it is okay to be rude, difficult and stubborn if you’re right… right? Wrong!
At an extremely critical moment in the early church, the moment that could’ve barred people like most of us from ever coming to faith and having our lives changed, the stakeholders set aside 1500 years of biblical history – and said yes to where the Holy Spirit was leading.
Interestingly enough, people who follow Jesus most often disagree over the Bible. And the Bible experts – then and now – the people who know the words, know the doctrines, know the nuances are usually the most difficult to deal with. After all – they’re right! And that’s why Paul doesn’t say (in words that come from Bibleland) “Let’s have a SWORD drill!” Actually, his first advice is, Be completely humble and gentle… Wow! If we’d done that – it would’ve changed history!