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THE LITTLE ‘g’ god of LUV

I think it’s safe to say that everyone longs to be loved - and a lot of people settle for LUV. Luv is a powerful craving to be wanted, desired, cherished - and causes us to do things and make decisions we later regret. Love - the real deal - is what we give; it’s unconditional - beautiful, sacrificial - and the recipient of it is usually changed forever. LUV - drives people crazy - and causes them to do crazy, reckless things. Love is not crazy; it’s perfectly rational and well-thought-out, but it also causes people to do things that others might see as reckless - even irrational. Luv is the little 'g’ god that people sell their souls to - looking for real, authentic love... and in the process, they miss it! *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for PDF and YouTube Podcast