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If Jesus was right, and I really, really believe He was right – and is still right – the part of life we have after we exit this life is by far the most profound and most important part. What we do in this life is the set up for what happens there. You see this in every single thing Jesus said and in pretty much every story He ever told. The shocking reality for pretty much everyone in our world is that there is an exit interview scheduled for everyone – and we don’t know when it is – and Jesus is the One who interviews. For people who have experienced injustice, the fact that everyone is accountable brings comfort. For people who have undergone willing, intentional self-denial and put their comfort on the line so that others could be comforted – it’s amazing to think that God sees it all and the reward absolutely dwarfs the sacrifice! Your exit interview…my exit interview can be amazing. The promise of what Peter says here is that our lives can be productive and effective and useful! With the power of God, we can see the lives of people we love – and even people we don’t know, be changed for all eternity. When we cross the finish line, our welcome into the Kingdom – and the celebration of people touched by our lives can be astounding. Or NOT! We choose – and now is the time to make that choice!