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In that culture, there was no more gruesome picture of the lack of freedom than being nailed, immovable to a cross beam. There was no way to get out of that situation alive. Soldiers who allowed someone to escape would pay with their lives. It had to be an eerily strange seen from the perspective of Heaven. Most people watching from beneath didn’t really understand Who Jesus was. He claimed to be God – but by hanging there, groaning, covered with blood – gasping – it couldn’t be. But from above – where angels alone could see – it had to be unthinkable. The most free being in the universe – impaled like a bug on a piece of cardboard. Would He make a dramatic escape and destroy the people who put Him there?
Why not bring to the cross all the things that hold you back, all the things that keep you captive, the things that shame you, hurt you, chain  you, and keep you from the freedom you were created for? See, if the Son sets you free, you WILL be free!

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