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It would appear that we live in an era where an unprecedented number of high profile leaders have stumbled and fallen. Why? Is it because the internet and social media have made everything – especially the ugly and salacious stuff – more public? Is it because the internet and social media have made the ugly and salacious stuff more available? Is it because we live at a really difficult time in history and curtain-time is approaching? I’m guessing that it’s a combination of all three of these things. The easy answer would be that this is typical of Christians – they’re all hypocrites – or that the organizations just aren’t policing their ranks. The truth is the most Christians are hypocrites in some arena of life – that is, not practicing what we know is right; you know, when it comes to loving our enemies, forgiving people who hurt us, being kind and generous and loving. We don’t justify that – but we know it’s true. When it comes to not policing the ranks – well, God comes under fire there. After all, Satan – His creation – rebelled and took a third of God’s angels with him. Jesus prayed all night about who to choose as disciples – and still ended up with Judas! Here’s the question; What does this mean for you and me? What do we need to do to NOT end up as a casualties?