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If you look at all the people who have done significant things with their lives, you will find a few common characteristics. First, what they did didn’t happen naturally because they were the smartest or most talented person around. Second – what they accomplished typically took trying and failing a number of times. They did what they did because they just kept getting back up and refused to quit. Third, what they did was worth doing. Most of them – not all, but most kept going because it wasn’t about them, their ego, or making a boatload of money. It was bigger! There is something going on right now – and it’s right in front of you – that is worth persevering for; pushing through no matter what it takes.  You may not see it, and others may think you’re crazy for doing it.  It’s following Jesus. Like, not just hanging out with religious people and occasionally blowing the dust off  your Bible – but joining Him in his plan to fully redeem and change you…and everything else. And it will take GRIT!

Speaker: Ken Davis

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