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If the Samaritan had just stopped – pulled out his iPhone and taken a pic (#sadstories) and then moved on, the effort would’ve been pointless. The Samaritan’s next move was the hardest – cuz it was the messiest, most exhausting – and the most dangerous. As a Samaritan, many would’ve made him the prime suspect in the attack. But when you’re suddenly human to human – close enough to smell someone’s breath and their BO – and get contaminated with their blood – the reality of serving is painfully clear. Suddenly your knowledge of first aid is called into use. Your full strength is needed to put him on a mule. And your nurturing instincts, as you care for him overnight, are greatly needed. There would be lots of reasons not to act, but God is calling us now to to love our neighbour as ourselves and to serve others generously. Mom’s especially know all about this.