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We think up is fantastic. We want up. We worship up - especially when it coincides with our stock, our reputation, our health, our followership, our income - and all the other things we want to see grow up and thrive... like our kids. Jesus’ UP side of His horrible DOWN was astounding. Literally, unbelievable - even by those who knew Him best. And it was kinda understated - not like fire from a volcano. It was little sightings from here, then from there... hints. But the UP never went back down. To those who loved Him and watched Him die - it was vindication for staying in the game - even when it got really difficult to believe. Funny, isn’t it? In a strange way - it’s still a little hidden. It’s unmistakable with history in two big chunks. How history has been re-written by those who have known Him, believed in Him and loved as He said to love. His resurrection is still in some ways quite subtle. It’s obvious - but still requires faith. And Jesus still asks the same question; Do you trust me? WILL you trust me - now and forever? See, the down side of following Jesus,  even though He defied death, split history and changed the world - is that it will never be easy!