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We parents have this little game we play; it’s called how successful are your kids… (in comparison to mine, of course). It’s based on our ego needs – that if our kids are successful – obviously so – then we can brag about them (their grades, their careers, their skill as musicians, athletes, or the fact that they’re in some program for really smart kids) and subtly brag about ourselves. It’s a tricky game – but it is one of the reasons why parents in our culture push their kids toward success. Not only is this not a cool game to play, it can backfire, and drive our children away from us. And it skews their perception of what God thinks. Success, talent, skills, intelligence are good things – but never, EVER enough. When it comes to what God wants and expects from us – and wants us to teach our children – it’s all about love. If they don’t experience our love and learn how to love God and others – they will miss life.