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(Matthew 7:1-6)
It always seem strange to me that Followers of Jesus seem to focus on and enforce some of the things Jesus  said not to do – then totally ignore and indulge in others. For example, divorce was a big deal – even under some circumstances where Jesus said that divorce was likely the only option. And yet… when have you ever heard of a church having a statement on worry, or a statement on greed in their by-laws? And think about this: What if churches had a statement in their by-laws and code of conduct on JUDGING!? Before you say, “Yeah – those Christians…”, we just need to own it; judging is one of our favorite pastimes as humans! Why? I think it’s likely related to another hidden struggle we all have; pride! So Jesus, who made it clear that God hates pride – and is out to humble the proud, says, “Don’t judge – cause it will boomerang and come around to BITE you! Instead – just become a wise, discerning person.

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