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At a time when there are so many choices and so many options, there are people who tend to be more selective with who they trust with their bank accounts – than who they trust with our souls. There is a temptation to google an important issue – and then believe what some person says – -especially if it fits what we want to believe. It’s important to know – especially when it comes to your soul – what a person’s motives are. Some people’s motives are really all about themselves – it’s the ego rush of having people believe you and follow you.  For others – it’s about money or something they can get from you. Jesus, the same one who said to love your enemies and forgive people who hate you and hurt you also said to be careful. Why? He said that some people are false prophets. Vicious wolves dressed up like sheep. Fortunately, He also told us how to spot them. And it’s not people who seem sincere or seem to know what they’re talking about – or love to talk about the Bible. It’s about the fruit of their lives. If they are producing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – then listen.

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