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What I think I’m seeing in the aftermath of the past three years is something that has been described as languishing. That is, people who are overwhelmed, under-resourced and overtired. And this would especially apply to Moms. It’s one thing getting yourself through a time when everything has changed; it’s quite another helping your kids through it. A lot of us have been left spinning in the wind. As a parent, the pressure is not just about getting yourself through it – it’s getting your children to the other side. As your care-giver, God cares about you and knows the future – as well as the pressures you face right now. Know this; He loves your children more than you do! Right now, you are the caregiver He has chosen for them! And He offers His immense power and understanding to you – for your calling at this juncture! Sometimes, you’ll soar! You’ll be exhilarated by the fact that He’s with you – and life feels effortless! At other times – you’ll run – and though you’re breathing hard, you won’t get exhausted! At other times, when the heat is on and you feel the pressure, the best you’ll be able to do is walk – and not pass out. And some days? Well, some days – all you can do is crawl! Just crawl in the right direction knowing that one day – you’ll walk again because He’ll be with you!