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So, you ask all these great questions. And then you make some truly great decisions - some stunning moves that get you where you want to go. Without being a party pooper, the question that really needs to be asked and answered is… SO WHAT? What is your bottom line? When you finish this life (and your chances of doing that run at around 100%), what defines success and ultimately becoming the person you were created to be and doing what you were created to do? If God had anything to do with that - and I believe He does - what did He put you here for? I’m guessing that it has to do with His overall mission of making all things new - of drawing everything back to Himself. Human life was designed for eternal impact. Jesus called His people to not just know about the Kingdom, but to pursue it as His Gathered People. It’s something we do - not on solo missions, but as a mutually loving and supportive team. It’s what we’re called to do in everyday life in all our roles - but more. Jesus’ Kingdom is a kingdom of hearts. Receiving Him as King unifies us in the direction of using our talents, gifts, time and resources to build that Kingdom. The Kingdom is about lost and broken people being found and healed and included. The Kingdom is what Jesus is secretly building here - and one day it will take over all the little shabby things we build. For that to happen takes the focus of generosity with our and energy and resources. We are called - not to look out for the health, wealth, success and happiness of #1, but to make sure that the lost people are found, the poor are fed, clothed, sheltered and cared for - and that love colonies spring up everywhere. It’s the mission of Jesus - invested in by those who know and love him. If what He’s up to is the most important thing going, then it would seem to make sense for us to ask these questions - and make sure that our eyes are on Him and not ourselves.