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A divorce starts long before any lawyers are hired! Malachi the prophet says, apparently speaking for God, God hates divorce. To qualify that, the people who get divorced hate it every bit as much as He does! God doesn’t hate people who’ve gotten a divorce; He hates divorce because of what it does to people He deeply, deeply loves! And that’s why when people do it, thinking they’re signing up for a better life with a better person, it’s deception at it’s deepest level. Lust, unforgiveness, abuse, broken promises and unfaithfulness have the potential to do irreparable damage to any relationship – whether it’s parent-child, employer-employee, or husband-wife. Marriage is not a path to an easy life with free sex, good meals and endless support; it’s a crucible where we learn how to love. To have the strength, resilience and character the crucible builds, you have to stay in it. *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for Vimeo Podcast and PDF