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Jesus came as King – not to start a new and very cool religion or be quoted as a great moral teacher. To miss that is to miss everything! And that’s exactly what happened 2000 years ago.  The Jewish people – the people of God – were in a quandary with Jesus. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, God, the Saviour, the Forgiver of sins – and yet He seemed to defy the very religion He’d used Moses to found. Not only that, He seemed to always be in conflict with the leaders and priests in the best religion that had ever touched the face of the planet! The book of Hebrews seems imply that the Temple, the Priesthood, the sacrifices – the whole thing was, first, a symbol of what He would do Himself when He came and, second, a way of proving that no religion accomplishes what God wants. That to say yes to Jesus the Son is to say a defiant “no” to religion! How strange is that!? All religions cannot lead to God – because no religion leads to God – and no religion does the work we most need; a change of heart!

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