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Jesus, near the beginning of His ministry, met with a religious superstar. The guy had a good heart, but was undecided – and remained undecided until Jesus was dead on a cross. In Jesus’ initial conversation with this guy, Nick, He had compared Himself being lifted up – to the historic event where Moses draped a brass replica of a poisonous snake on a cross – and lifted it up for people to be healed from snakebite. The connection with God’s words to Adam and Eve when they sinned are too ironic to miss. The question is, in retrospect – who actually died that Good Friday? The snake or JesusSon of God? Both hit rock bottom – but one came up and continues up; and one went down and continues down. And that’s the parable, right? To go down with Jesus – is to go up with Him; and to go up with the devil – is to g