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From my perspective, FEAR has been the predominant emotion in the GTA – and maybe the world, for the past 2 years of COVID. Frustration and anger may come in a close second.  So, here’s the deal; fear never accomplishes anything good long-term. Initially, it causes a reaction that helps us be alert and avoid immediate danger. But when it begins to settle into your heart, your soul, and your mind – it has a paralyzing effect.  If you’ve ever known someone with PTSD, you know this is true.
And that’s why fear is not from God. In our relational world, fear is destructive – because fear focuses our attention almost exclusively on ourselves and our own interests. That’s why, biblically, we say, Caution  YES, Fear  NO! Again and again, God has said over the years to people confronted by fear, Don’t be afraid – for I am with you! Caution shows respect for God and what He has promised – and for people who are usually the victims of our reactions. Fear disrespects what God has promised – and usually causes us to disrespect people. Fear does not lead to anything good – including being safe. The bottom line is that we do not have to be afraid!