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Over the months and years of life, it’s possible to develop a “collection” of grudges. That is, things that others have done to us that have annoyed us, hurt us, or damaged a part of our lives. This list doesn’t just keep quiet and behave itself; it actually takes on a life of it’s own, weighs us down, and twists our spirit.  Over time it infects our hearts and gives (according to Paul’s words) a foothold to the devil. It actually damages how we see life, how we see God and how we see others. It makes us relationally unintelligent. There’s one cure – forgiveness.  Forgiveness is God’s only solution for people who hurt each other. But to forgive – you have to empty out the grudge box. Purge it. Wash it out! *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for Vimeo Podcast and PDF